2Seal Interior Storm Windows

Are virtually air tight, invisible, and easily installed and removed, no tools required. 

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    2 Seal Interior Storm Windows  install on the inside of an existing window, and the glazing is available in a range of materials. If you have older, drafty, inefficient windows in your home or building, replacing them with new energy efficient windows will most likely cost upwards of $20,000.00 (average size home with 16 windows). Your return on investment in energy saving could be approximately $200-$400 a year. Quite simply, this would make the return on investment 20+ years.

However, we have an affordable option:

 2 Seal Interior Storm Windows will produce similar savings in energy at a far lower initial installation cost.

An average 3'wide by 4'high can cost as little as $150.00, making your return on investment less than 10 years.

 2 Seal Interior Storm Windows can provide those living in older homes, historic homes or buildings with an affordable solution to drafty, inefficient windows. Historic homes and buildings  are often monitored for exterior improvements and upgrades, utilizing the interior of the window is a cost effective way to upgrade the efficiency of the window. Properties with beautiful leaded windows, odd shaped, unusually shaped windows or "out of square" windows can easily be fit to preserve the look, feel and character of the home.

 2 Seal Interior Storm Windows are custom measured and installed. They can be painted to color match the existing window décor. They become virtually invisible, blending discreetly within the window.

 2 Seal Interior Storm Windows add an airspace to the existing window, which along with the acrylic panel adds R-Value to your windows. Along with increased R-Value comes noise reduction. The results are amazing!

The 2 Seal  Brand

Our storm windows are available for all types of windows. They are installed on the interior of the primary window. We have a wide range of acrylics to choose from, including low-emissivity coatings to a wide range of colors and tints that offer many years of use. Our acrylic panels have specific optical qualities with a high degree of resistance to breaking during storms and/or intrusions.

For the most part, interior storm windows offer greater convenience than exterior storm windows.2 Sealstorm windows install and remove with ease; they require less maintenance because they're not exposed to the elements; they seal tightly to the primary window, and are more effective at reducing air infiltration.                    2 Seal Interior Storm Windows are well-suited for multilevel apartments and homes. If you can afford exterior storm windows, you can probably afford energy efficient 2 Seal Interior Storms Windows.

Acrylic panes offer better visibility and longevity. Window glass conducts energy, is heavy and fragile. In general, plastics are economical for people with  budgets or who live in apartments. Plastic panels, such as acrylics, are tougher and lighter than glass, scratch and ultraviolet (UV) resistant, with optical clarity. The panels can be cut to virtually any size and shape.

2 Seal  uses composite  (PVC) frames, for an inside mounting system, it is very strong, light weight and maintenance free, where as customary aluminum or steel frames conduct heat and cold very easily. Because of this, aluminum makes a very poor insulating material.2 Seal  PVC frames, combined with patent pending magnetic corner technology, provide the perfect thermal brake. PVC, with UV stabilizers, keeps sunlight from breaking down the window's materials. The  PVC frame can be cut, primed and painted to match you existing window size shape and color making2 Seal Interior storm windows virtually invisible.


No matter what type of install you choose, 2 Seal Interior Storm Window's frame is hung to the primary window without a mechanically attached frame. Our frame is made of a composite material and also serves as a thermal brake.  Our glazing is magnetically sealed to the opening. You should also consider the fact that they are easy to remove for cleaning and storage. No tools necessary. 

   Exterior-mounted storm windows must have "weep holes," (little holes that allow the passage of liquids), at the bottom of the storm window frame, this allows any moisture that collects between the primary window and the storm window to escape. These weep holes detract from energy efficiency and savings. 

   2 Seal Storm Windows will reduce condensation and ice build up on the inside of drafty windows there by preserving the primary window frame and reducing mold and mildew build up on the window frame. 


2 Seal

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2seal window

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